East Avenue Corridor Study
Phase 1

Phase 1 of the East Avenue Corridor Study took place over 2020 and 2021. The study focused on East Avenue between S. Livermore Avenue and S. Vasco Road, a segment identified as a priority corridor in the Livermore Active Transportation Plan. The study involved extensive public outreach, analyzed existing conditions, and prepared multiple design alternatives for the corridor. Review the Phase 1 alternatives and public workshop videos below.

Phase 1 Alternatives

The project team developed four alternatives based on community inputs in Phase 1. These alternatives consider a range of improvement strategies as summarized below. Phase 2 of the East Avenue Corridor Study will test elements of these alternatives for the community to experience before decisions are made.

089-388 East Ave Corridor Study_Workshop

Street lighting will be improved up to applicable standards for all the alternatives

Click the download button below to download the conceptual alternatives.

Phase 1 Workshops

Phase 1 Community Workshop Videos

Phase 1 Community Workshop Slides