Project Overview

The City of Livermore strives to maintain a safe and convenient transportation network. The City is conducting a Corridor Study on East Avenue that will enhance mobility and safety for all modes of transportation. The study focuses on East Avenue between S. Livermore Avenue and S. Vasco Road. This segment has been identified as a priority corridor in Livermore Bicycle, Pedestrian & Trails Active Transportation Plan. The study will evaluate existing conditions, identify issues, and provide alternatives to mitigate traffic-related issues.


Your input is very important for this study and what we hear from you and your neighbors will be used to prepare recommendations for this roadway. Please participate by joining

us at community workshops.


Events Information

Community Workshop Videos

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Proposed Alternatives

The project team has developed four alternatives based on community inputs. These alternatives consider a range of improvement strategies as summarized below.

Street lighting will be improved up to applicable standards for all the alternatives

Click the download button below to download the conceptual alternatives.

089-388 East Ave Corridor Study_Workshop


The reports, memorandums, and presentations related to this study will be uploaded to this section. Click on the button below to download the document.


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